Thursday, January 12, 2017

And so it ends...

Six years ago today this blog was birthed. Initial intention was simple - mom needed to report homeschool activities to support teacher. Slowly it evolved into a journal of our life to be shared with friends and families, especially those overseas. In the past year, Serena has risen up to the challenge of being the author of many postings, so much so that she's ready to spread her wings and have her very own blog!

This flying pig mom is happy & proud to see the growth in her swinging monkey as I flipped through 6 years' of posts in reminiscence. Alas, the budding teenager needs her own virtual space to express her creative self in a more fashionable way. (This blog is looking a bit old & tired like me.)

Thank you to all of you out there who took the time to journey with us here. A shout-out to Papa, our biggest unbiased (HA!) fan who always takes the time to leave us a sweet little comment. Cheerio and God bless!


  1. Don't quit now. It is way to much fun. We have loved every one of your post and pictures.
    Please keep them coming. Love Nanny & Papa

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