Thursday, November 3, 2016

The Great Climate Race

Calling themselves the Crazy Socks, Serena & Daddy did a 10K run along the Stanley Park Seawall as they participated in The Great Climate Race on a beautiful fall day. We recently read an article about the Paris Agreement, an international treaty designed to slow global warming that was recently adopted at the UN Climate Change Conference in Paris. We also watched Before the Flood, a National Geographic documentary on the threat of climate change. Serena will now share her thoughts of what she's learnt:

"I have learnt that climate change is much more urgent than I could have imagined. There is actually a hidden force of corrupt government officials and corporations trying to confuse the public in order to keep their profits in polluting industries especially those based in crude oil.

I also learned that palm oil, the cheapest kind of cooking oil on the market, is being harvested in shocking & unsustainable ways, deforesting area equivalent to 300 football fields in a single hour and pushing animals like orangutans to extinction while creating giant amounts of carbon. 40 to 50 percent of our household goods contain palm oil, from shampoo to Nutella. The problem is especially dire in Sumatra, Indonesia because of corrupt government officials.

Another surprising fact the documentary revealed is that cows are incredibly costly in every sense, taking up enormous amounts of land and food (as feeds) while producing huge amounts of methane.

But there's a message of hope! Change can be as simple as trying to use as little electricity as possible, eating less red meat, taking shorter showers, and making smart purchasing decisions.  The important thing is for us to act now, the planet won't accept more procrastination."

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  1. Well done. Nice and concise statement.
    Love Nanny & Papa