Monday, October 3, 2016

Izzy Dolls

Izzy dolls are knitted dolls anybody can make for Health Partners International of Canada to send to over 100 countries in their Humanitarian Medical Kit. The soft dolls provide padding for the life-saving medicine instead of paper packaging. The bonus part is, they're given out to sick children and well ones too who may have never owned a toy!

It's really humbling for me to know that something I've made can make a kid smile somewhere in another corner of the world. My Izzy doll is my first real knitting project which was fun to do with my other homeschool friends. I knitted the one in the fuzzy white sweater, while my mom made the ones on the far left and far right. I decided not to put eyes on them because I think it looked cuter! One thing's for sure, I'll making more Izzy dolls!

* Izzy Dolls are named in memory of Master Corporal Mark Isfeld.

1 comment:

  1. Very nice. Good job by both of you.
    The kids will be please we are sure. Congrats on a job well done . Love Nanny & Papa