Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Bard on the Beach

My most recent excursion to Bard on the Beach was to watch The Merry Wives of Windsor, one of Shakespeare's most hilarious comedies, and the one closest to home for his original audience. It was set in Windsor, England, but this production switched it up by putting it in Windsor, Ontario (haha!), set in the swingin' 60's.

The physical comedy was really funny, especially how each character had their own hilarious style of walking (literally). One of the characters, Slender, walked leading with his hips, and he was constantly leaning so far back I thought he was going to snap in half.  Another, Mistress Quickly, was wiggling, shimmying and jiving so much that she couldn't seem to stand still. She must have been exhausted by the end of the performance! My mom loves Mr. Brook (the disguised Ford) the best with his groovy beatnik impersonation.

Unfortunately,  I couldn't enjoy the performance to its full extent, a bad cold struck me that morning and I was suppressing sneezes five minutes at a time. It was still highly entertaining; the combination of audience participation, great live pop & country music, and superb performances by all made it go by in a flash. I would definitely recommend this play, and watch it again if possible!

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  1. Wow. Glad you liked it. Here is hoping you will feel better soon. Love Nanny & Papa