Monday, February 8, 2016

Colima: Los Amigos

While the physical work we did was so tangibly rewarding, the friends we made in Colima are by far the most precious.

For 3 Januarys now we've worked alongside our local contractor Roberto and his family. Their daughter Fatima and Serena became especially close this year and shared many cold treats and giggles together.

Roberto continues to inspire us with his hardworking and cheerful spirit. He re-opened his now closed taco stand just for us one night and we feasted. Daddy broke his record from last year and ate a whopping 20 tacos!

We got extra local help this year as the size of our project grew. Martín is a jovial contractor who worked with Roberto to patiently teach these Canadians the art of construction. Martín has a fantastic voice and loves to sing while he works, much to our delight!

Roberto and Martín are ingenious in coming up with solutions to many challenges we encounter at the job sites. However once in a while, we just have to go and buy our solution. We met the Arman family who runs this well stocked hardware store nearby. As we chatted in our broken Spanish, we found out that they're a homeschooling family!

Since most of the homes we work at have no toilets, we always make sure to locate one central bathroom for the team to use during our work days. Meet Carmen and Jorge's family. They live right by the 3 houses we were working on and generously opened up their home (and the critical baño) to us. Like a mother hen, Carmen checked up on me and Serena daily and didn't mind one bit as we treaded in and out of her home while covered in dust and dirt. Her husband Jorge runs a shop that sells and installs doors and windows. He ended up doing the door installation for free on the little shop front we built for Justina.

As Roberto invited us into his home the night he made tacos for us, we saw a photo of him and Keith displayed prominently in their living room. The way God weaves our disparate lives together is amazing. Carmen kept telling us, "Mi casa, tu casa!"; Justina appointed herself as Serena's abuela; a chance encounter with a rare homeschool family in a Mexican hardware store; Roberto and Keith walking arm in arm...

"He performs wonders that cannot be fathomed, miracles that cannot be counted." (Job 9:10)

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