Sunday, February 7, 2016

Colima: Gatitos y Perritos

Kittens!!  It all began when I was resting from work and heard some little "mew, mew, mew" sounds from Justina's house. I crept over to the box where the mommy cat was sleeping and there were five kittens - only 5 days old! Their eyes hadn't even opened! Justina even made the dangerous offer of giving me one...

Can you believe that this scrawny dog could possibly have two healthy puppies? I already knew that Justina had a bouncy male dog and a skinny female, but I never guessed that they could be padres (parents)! The two pups where only one night old when I found them, but already big and healthy with an incredible amount of fur! Good job mom!

This dog is Diamanta, Dia for short - I named her.  Diamante means diamond, so the female version of that would be Diamanta. This dear pup adopted me as her Mistress immediately and refused to leave my side. She walked with me, sat with me, followed my every step.  She's probably a stray young mom and the only dog my mum would ever keep. It was heartbreaking for us both when we had to leave that day. I never saw her again.

So many cute animals, I love them all!

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