Friday, February 12, 2016

Colima: El Sol

Beautiful gold sand! We went to a beach in Manzanillo where sand littered with gold flakes was everywhere! What a gorgous spot. I also went back to one of my favourite beaches near Dolphin Cove Inn. This beach also had some nice gold-flecked sand, plus an abundance of shells with half-formed pearls inside! You can also find chunks of calcite minerals scattered in the water. I had a lot of fun beach combing and treasure hunting!

O, such strenuous days... Flying down waterslides, lounging on pool chairs with palm trees swaying overhead... Such hard work!

My dad and I tried every possible way of going down this fun water slide - on our stomachs, on our backs, siting up, head first, even backwards.

As mom took this photo of me lounging under the sun, she told me to remember this moment when I do my math at home. Phooey.

Can you believe that this fish is even real?  Cause it is, caught fresh in a swordfish/marlin fishing competition, it even had real squishy eyeballs. I found out because a kid decided to poke it in the eye. Nice. You could hold the thing if you wanted too, meaning holding it around the middle, not actually supporting its weight. If you tried, you'd probably be 2D.

And this is me being Spider-Man, one of my more excellent jumps! My dad and I disrupted the swimmers in this pool by diving in as The Hulk, Captain America, a pair of duelling Jedi, and Spider-man.  Not to mention various starfish, pencils and cannonballs.  Oh yeah!

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  1. Amazing. So much hard work and you survived it all.
    Looks like the whole family enjoyed this part. Love