Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Gems & Minerals

I have recently developed an interest in minerals and especially, gemstones.  I went to an incredible gallery called Crystalworks Designs in Vancouver which helped spur on my passion.  Another good spot is this tiny little shop called Amethyst Creations.  I also love going to the UBC Pacific Museum of the Earth with its giant amethyst crystals and slab of malachite.

However the origin of my new hobby was The Elements: an Exploration of Every Known Atom in the Universe. I know what you're thinking - the same book that inspired the use of Glenn Seaborg for my Biography Fair project? Yup. That's the one!  It mentioned so many interesting gemstones that led me to borrow my all time favourite gem book, Gemstones of the World. I have read that book from cover to cover at least twice. And that's how it all happened.

Here is my collection of gemstones so far.  Some of my favourite pieces are my geode (top right), my sand tumbled Gobi Dessert agate (bottom left), and basically all the rest - I love them all!  As to where I search for buyable gems 99.99999 percent?  eBay!  Whether it's dumortierite, benitoite, or rhodochrisite, eBay has it.  I got my sea jasper (bottom right) from eBay.

Now, some gemstone trivia.  Do you know what the green leaf-like spot on my geode is?  That's not totally a fair question 'cause I have no clue what it is myself!  How about the greenish/purple gemstone in the centre of the silver box?  What is the cluster of purple crystals called?  Are the seven objects on the left blue bag gems or minerals?

(Answers: flourite, amethyst, both)

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  1. Here we thought to see a lot of precious rocks!!!!
    Very nice collection . Love Nanny & Papa