Saturday, August 29, 2015


When it came to swimming in Kamloops, the overall experience wasn't what I'd call enjoyable. The Thompson River, my first swimming place, was absolutely freezing. I mean bone numbing, so-cold-I'm-warm freezing. As the biggest tributary of the Fraser River, Thompson River also has strong currents, which doesn't help. There are some up factors though, such as plentiful skipping stones and a park nearby with music every night. The second swimming location was a lake called Lac Le Jeune. It was just as freezing as the river and also contained dead flies and leeches. Enough said. (Though the landscape was beautiful, and there were lots of fish.)

The Secwepemc (pronounced sehk-hwep-mehk) Museum is a really interesting sight where I learned a lot about the Secwepemc culture, about its continual struggle through the generations. The museum contains many interesting artifacts such as native american clothing and headdresses adorned with bear claws. My favourite part was going inside a pit house. The museum is also next to the historic Kamloops Indian Residential School. The school's story is a sad one with children carted away and native kids being beaten for not understanding English instructions.

FOOD!!! The food in Kamloops was yummy. The highly rated soup from The Art We Are, a restaurant and local art shop, was simply amazing. The bison bolognese and lamb burger from The Noble Pig were awesome. The teryaki burgers from Burger Café Joy were delicious. The beef udon and pork cutlets from Jimmy's Noodle and Cutlet were astounding (plus grape Crush floats and make-your-own sesame sauce. Bonus!) With the company of Magnum Chocolate Infinities at the apartment, my Kamloops food experience was really great!

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