Thursday, May 21, 2015

Science in the Valley

"Life Through a Looking Glass" is a Home Learners Biology workshop run by Trinity Western University. I had the opportunity to play cell biologist and learn to use a compound microscope.

I learned about the five kingdoms of nature: Kingdom Animalia, Kingdom Plantae, Kingdom Monera, Kingdom Protista, and Kingdom Fungi.

Kingdom Animalia includes all animals and humans. Kingdom Plantae includes all plants, veggies and fruits. Kingdom Monera includes, well, monera! Monera are one cell creatures that have no nucleus. Kingdom Protista includes a large and diverse group of eukaryotic microorganisms including algae, amoeba, paramecium, and euglena. (Whew!) Kingdom Fungi includes varieties of fungi and mold. (Fun guys not included!)

So that's that. I haven't even covered half of what I learned!!!! Let's see, microscopes have an eyepiece, a stage, lenses....

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  1. All the big words to remember . Your eyes must be strained from looking through the microscope Great learning something different every day.
    Love Nanny & Papa