Monday, February 23, 2015

Science Fair: A Moldy Mystery

Hypothesis: Fresh bread molds faster than store bought bread and whole wheat molds faster than white bread.

This is Serena's second time entering the SDHL Science Fair. Her experiment resulted in the appearance of many slices of bread in some unusual places around the house, including our linen closet...

While fresh bread with no preservatives definitely proves to mold faster than store bought bread, it is not so conclusive that whole wheat molds faster than white.

The most interesting (and disconcerting) finding is that none of the Wonder Bread slices showed any signs of molding for 9 days. Some powerful preservatives!

Serena's investigation in this "Moldy Mystery" earned her a 3rd place in the Homeschool Science Fair. Now the only question remains: who's going to eat all the leftover Wonder Bread?

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  1. Yuk .We do not like Wonder Bread. Nice science subject ,
    Love Nanny & Papa