Friday, January 23, 2015

Colima: Roberto

Everyone who's worked with Roberto loves this hardworking man. We were so glad to see him again especially that he wore our team shirt from last year the same day we did!

Roberto spent most of his time this year at this project site where part of the team is building a "community meeting place" as a satellite of Grupo Amor. It grew out of a large outreach to the children in the community and the Comedor program where the elderly get served a hot meal.

The best food in Colima - Roberto's Taco Stand!!!

Roberto works as a construction contractor by day and runs a taco stand in front of his home by night, 6 nights a week. His work ethics puts us all to shame!

His tacos costs 5 pesos (C$0.40) each. We all stuffed our face and ate too many of them, but Keith held the yet unbroken record in the team - a grand total of 14 tacos!

Roberto's wife Yesenia is as hardworking as her husband, ready to help out at every job and always carrying a Spanish-English dictionary ready for translation!

Our family decided to raise some funds for his decrepit truck before we left home for Colima. We found out that many on the team had the same idea. We're now in the process of pulling our donations together and hopefully find a "new" used truck to replace his.

We shared our plan with Roberto and Yesenia the evening we ate at their taco stand. They were overcome with thankfulness and many emotional hugs and blessings were exchanged.

We told Roberto that many of our friends in Canada have contributed to the donations for his truck. He and his family are very grateful for your generosity!

¡Muchas gracias y Dios los bendiga!


  1. He looks overwhelmed by this .
    Great idea.. Love Nanny & Papa

  2. Keith! 14 Tacos!!!!? I'm sure Roberto worked it out of you the next day... mixing concrete? Hauling bricks?...