Friday, January 23, 2015

Colima: Regalos

One of the highlights for all of us was visiting the families we've met in the past. Many people on the team have been helping out in Colima in previous years. Lisa & Louise bought many practical goodies to make gift bags for these special visits.

We met this family of 8 last year at their Triangle House. Serena spent a day playing with the kids around their very poor neighbourhood, and that was the night she got sick!

She was eager to see Cristina and Esmeralda again but sadly they weren't home when we arrived. The good news was - the girls were in school! As far as we know, none of the daughters were going to school before.

Dayana is the baby of the family and such a cutie pie! Serena brought a whole suitcase of her stuffed animals to give to the kids.

We told Dayana we had una sopresa for her. When we unzipped the suitcase, she literally squealed and yanked the biggest one out. Her face lit right up and we were all standing there in awe of the pure joy and delight on this little girl's face.

Dani & Ceci's Corner House was the very first project Serena & I worked on last year. It was great to see that the family is doing well, and Ceci is pregnant with her third child!

We always carried a stash of toys in our bags. Serena played Santa to all the kids she met wherever we went. Her collection of animals brought many happy smiles!

Serena also brought a whole bunch of the Rainbow Loom bracelets she's made. She was handing them out to kids and they were a huge hit. We even had some adults asking for one!

This little fellow at Casa Cuna, the orphanage where we were staying, is very serious and apparently doesn't smile much according to the staff. We whipped out hand puppet Scaredy Squirrel and played peekaboo with him - instant giggles! Glad we found a good home for Scaredy!

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  1. That is just great .The smiles are priceless
    Well done . Love Nanny & Papa