Monday, January 26, 2015

Colima: La Playa

From the journal of beachcomber Serena:

In Mexico I had a few interesting encounters on the beaches of this wonderful country. I went to 4 different beaches in and around Manzanillo and Barra de Navidad.

The first beach we went to was in Manzanillo. Daddy & I swam around trying to catch fish that were swimming about in big schools. While I was swimming I noticed something bright blue with purple curly things sticking out of it. I gave no attention to it since it was only the size of a button, but soon found out that it was a tiny jellyfish that kept stinging mommy and me!

The second beach I went to was definitely the most beautiful. The sand was black and gold, and on that beach daddy found the most beautiful shell in my collection.

In the sea I found an adorable puffer fish I named Puffy that looked like it was dying! I got my daddy to throw it really far into the ocean. I just hope he is alright!

The third beach I went to was not super fun because the waves were soooooo strong you had to put all energy into staying upright!

The last beach was the most interesting. The beach was practically made of shells!

So I went into the water, wading around, looking for shells. As I was walking along, I suddenly stepped on something very, very sharp! I thought maybe it was a crab but as I looked at the 4 blood-oozing spots on my heel, my dad identified the thing as one of four dinner plate sized black & white sea urchins!

I never got to see them though because I was too scared to approach them. I also saw a really blue and white-spotted puffer fish!

Overall I think this year's trip to Colima (and other places in Mexico) was an eye-opening experience of God's power and love for my family and me!


  1. Sounds like everyone had a great time.
    The sting and bites are not a pleasant experience.
    Hope Mommy and Serena are OK.
    Glad to see you visit the different places
    Thank You for the nice pictures and narration .
    Love Nanny & Papa

  2. Such joy and fun Serena! Your writing has improved so much! I can hear your passion and voice! So proud of you:)