Thursday, January 22, 2015

Colima: Comida Deliciosa

From the journal of food critic Serena:

Mexican food was never my favourite but I must say that my appreciation for it has grown since my trip to Colima this year.

My first night in Manzanillo I ate these really tasty chicken sopitos, some burritos and some tacos with lots of sour cream and limes!

At a Mexican restaurant in Colima, my parents and I got a big plate of really tasty guacamole and crunchy tortilla wedges. We also got this really good cactus salad with tomatoes and onions drizzled with Colima's famous lime!

I got to eat lots of good Mexican food at Casa Cuna too. Lisa & Steve made this really awesome taco soup. I also got to eat Canadian food like Steve's lasagna and Lisa's grilled veggie pasta.

In Manzanillo and Barra de Navidad, I got to eat this tasty cylinder ice-cream at Thrifty helados. They had many flavours. I liked the mint chocolate, very refreshing for hot Mexican weather!

Last year I didn't get to eat these special Mexican donuts called churros because I was sick for 3 days. They can be filled with chocolate, caramel, or strawberry cream. So I finally got to try them this year! So very tasty and I especially like the one with strawberry filling.

Bubu Lubu!!!

Bubu Lubu is marshmallow with a layer of jam on top all coated in chocolate. I discovered them while wandering in a Kiosko. I ate so many I lost track!

Overall my food experience in Mexico was really great! (Although I did not get any ceviche this time.)


  1. Must have been fun after all the hard work
    Love Nanny & Papa

  2. Oh Selena, I'm so VERY pleased to read about all the wonderful food you ate while in Colima this year! And what a blessing that you stayed well for the full week. I think that your Mom and Dad are very happy that you cannot get Bubu Lubu in Canada!