Thursday, January 22, 2015

Colima: Casa de Carmen

¡Hola nuestros amigos!

We had a very fruitful and fun trip in Colima, Mexico as we returned there for our second year of working with the local church Grupo Amor through Hope for the Nations.

Our first project:

Carmen is a diabetic widow living alone in a home with uneven floors. She's a faithful helper at the Comedor, the equivalent of a soup kitchen which is an outreach program of Grupo Amor.

We wanted to bless her with a tiled floor to minimize her chance of tripping especially in the kitchen area. A fall for a diabetic could be hazardous.

The 3 of us had a crash course on tiling and spent the next few days on our knees.

Daddy carefully mixed the mud into a peanut butter like mixture. He became quite proficient at getting the right consistency after mixing many, many, many batches of that.

I lost count of how many tiles I've cut with this little hand tool. Uneven floors and crooked walls make for many, many, many custom cut tiles!

Serena had fun mudding the tiles before we glued them in their place. She was also responsible for cleaning up after our messes.

Being a studious apprentice to our teammate and tough master Al, Serena was also our quality control, using the level to check our work.

Daddy & Al had a tough job tiling the little kitchen area - a most uneven hard packed dirt floor.

Thankfully Al is our resident tiling expert and made sure everything was done right and well.

The 3 of us and his lovely wife Cheryl had many laughs teasing him about his perfectionism. And I think Al has nightmares about our less than perfect work!

We made many trips to Kiosko (Mexican 7-Eleven) for refreshments during our work days.

Serena has a knack for finding cats wherever she goes. This little kitten was her favourite companion during many of our breaks.

We were able to finish the tiling in good time. Since we had some leftover paint from another project, we decided to paint Carmen's house and make it look more cheery.

Primer first, then purple paint! It was quite a challenge to paint brick walls full of bumps and cracks.

Carmen was so thrilled to see the progress of our work each day - "¡Muy bonito! ¡Muy bonito!"  We prayed a blessing over her and her newly tiled & painted home before we left. She was moved to tears and gave us all big hugs!

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  1. Great family together bonding.
    All did a great job .You must be thankful to do this.
    Very rewarding we are sure.
    Love Nanny & Papa