Monday, November 10, 2014

VAG: The Forbidden City Exhibit

I went to the Vancouver Art Gallery to see an exhibit called The Forbidden City: Inside the Court of China's Emperor. This exhibit is so special because many of the artifacts (from Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty) have never left China before.

Did you know: the Forbidden City has about 1,000 buildings with about 10,000 rooms!

At the end of the tour our group did a workshop on Chinese calligraphy. I learned to write my middle name in Chinese!
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Did you know: the most precious artifact in the exhibit is a rare Ming Dynasty cup with a rooster, a hen, and two chicks in a garden painted on it. There's only about 12 of these in the world and it's valued at approximately $42 million!!!!!!

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Did you know: Empress Dowager Cixi loved having photos taken of herself in her most splendid attire. Notice she was wearing these fancy long fingernail guards - elite ladies wore long fingernails to show that they did not need to work!

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Did you know: only Emperors were allowed to wear the symbol of power - a golden 5-clawed dragon. Dragons on commoners' clothes only have 3 or 4 claws, and were never in gold. Gold was reserved for the Sons of Heaven!

Other cool things we saw: the Emperor's throne room, an ornate dog blanket, jade vases, a tally (like a security key), ceremonial coat, Ming platform shoes, a fancy sedan chair...

Did you know: to carry the Empress Dowager Cixi from one end of the Forbidden City to the other would take about 1.5 hours!

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  1. Very interesting .Scary long nails. Looks like you did really well writing.
    Your mind must have been overflowing with information. Great history.
    Love Nanny & Papa