Thursday, November 27, 2014

A Cat Sonnet

The cat shoots up the gnarly barkèd tree
As noiseless as the breeze on Autumn days.
So noiseless that there is no way to see
The kitty happily tumbling as she plays.

A cat’s will is an ever-fixèd mark,
Unchanging as the seasons of the year.
Her fury is displayed in scratchèd bark,
Enflamèd are the burning eyes that sear.

The nature of a cat is always playful,
A-pouncing upon all the things it sees.
His every single motion is so graceful,
His fluid dances seem always to please.

     If all I’ve said ‘bout cats is not all true,
     Cross out all words I humbly writ for you.

Serena wrote this sonnet as part of her Shakespeare workshop this month. After playing Lady Macbeth in spring, she is back tackling another femme fatale role in another popular Shakespeare drama. See if you can guess the play by hearing this piece of flute music:


  1. Nice sonnet. Sorry we know the music to hear but not the play.
    Nice flute playing. Love Nanny & Papa