Sunday, November 30, 2014

Romeo & Juliet

Mike Stack did his magic again and led the South Delta Homelearners through another fantastic Shakespeare workshop. The diverse group of thespians age 8 to 18 pulled off a dramatic performance of the tragic love story of Romeo & Juliet while having a ton of fun doing it!

Serena played Juliet, the role being shared by 3 girls, just as the role of Romeo being split by another 3 gals. In addition to her role as a Capulet, Serena also opened the performance playing her flute in a trio ensemble.

Act I, Scene V

Act III, Scene II

Act V, Scene III

Thursday, November 27, 2014

A Cat Sonnet

The cat shoots up the gnarly barkèd tree
As noiseless as the breeze on Autumn days.
So noiseless that there is no way to see
The kitty happily tumbling as she plays.

A cat’s will is an ever-fixèd mark,
Unchanging as the seasons of the year.
Her fury is displayed in scratchèd bark,
Enflamèd are the burning eyes that sear.

The nature of a cat is always playful,
A-pouncing upon all the things it sees.
His every single motion is so graceful,
His fluid dances seem always to please.

     If all I’ve said ‘bout cats is not all true,
     Cross out all words I humbly writ for you.

Serena wrote this sonnet as part of her Shakespeare workshop this month. After playing Lady Macbeth in spring, she is back tackling another femme fatale role in another popular Shakespeare drama. See if you can guess the play by hearing this piece of flute music:

Monday, November 10, 2014

VAG: The Forbidden City Exhibit

I went to the Vancouver Art Gallery to see an exhibit called The Forbidden City: Inside the Court of China's Emperor. This exhibit is so special because many of the artifacts (from Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty) have never left China before.

Did you know: the Forbidden City has about 1,000 buildings with about 10,000 rooms!

At the end of the tour our group did a workshop on Chinese calligraphy. I learned to write my middle name in Chinese!
photo credit:

Did you know: the most precious artifact in the exhibit is a rare Ming Dynasty cup with a rooster, a hen, and two chicks in a garden painted on it. There's only about 12 of these in the world and it's valued at approximately $42 million!!!!!!

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Did you know: Empress Dowager Cixi loved having photos taken of herself in her most splendid attire. Notice she was wearing these fancy long fingernail guards - elite ladies wore long fingernails to show that they did not need to work!

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Did you know: only Emperors were allowed to wear the symbol of power - a golden 5-clawed dragon. Dragons on commoners' clothes only have 3 or 4 claws, and were never in gold. Gold was reserved for the Sons of Heaven!

Other cool things we saw: the Emperor's throne room, an ornate dog blanket, jade vases, a tally (like a security key), ceremonial coat, Ming platform shoes, a fancy sedan chair...

Did you know: to carry the Empress Dowager Cixi from one end of the Forbidden City to the other would take about 1.5 hours!

Saturday, November 1, 2014

I Love Hershey!

Serena has fond memory of her first trip to Timberline Ranch last year, so she's excited for another chance to ride horses again at the ranch.

Hershey was her trail ride horse and you decide how much she loves that horse. She tried trotting and vaulting, but the leisurely hour-long trail ride was still her favourite.

Serena's collection of Schleich horses: Clydesdale, Frisian, Shire, Tennessee Walker, Arabian, Andalusian, Lipizzaner, and Shetland Pony. If you'd like know which one's which, you have to ask her!