Saturday, September 20, 2014

Repiratory System

We "meet the lungs" at Khan Academy!

The main function of our respiratory system is to "trade off carbon dioxide for the oxygen made by trees" and "give oxygen to blood and blood to organs so they'll function with ease"! (That's from The Respiratory System song.)

We were able to see inside someone's lungs (Tom's!) in a bronchoscopy video - cool!

We made a model of our lungs: straw for trachea, plumbing valve for bronchi, balloons for lungs, pop bottle for chest, rubber glove for diaphragm. Push up the rubber glove "diaphragm" to simulate breathing out (balloons deflate), pull down to simulate breathing in (balloons inflate). FUN!

Do you know: the trachea is lined with rings of cartilage called pseudostratisfied ciliated epithilium?

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  1. Nice project well build and thought out.
    No I did not know about the trachea. Thank you for sharing your knowledge
    Love Nanny & Papa