Thursday, August 28, 2014

Purple Belt

After a lot of hard work I finally got to my purple belt in taekwondo!

At my belt test, I had to do patterns, self-defence, board-breaking, sparring, break-falls and rolls, etc. I also have to write a 400-word essay, "The Importance of Perseverance in My Life".

Purple belt is the 6th out of 10th belt, the 10th being black. So I'm more than half way through the rank!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Summer Of Deltora

This summer I read an 8-book series called Deltora Quest. It's written by an Australian author named Emily Rodda.

In a land called Deltora, a blacksmith's son, Lief, goes on a quest to try and recover seven gems to complete the Belt of Deltora in order to save the kingdom from the Shadowlord. Each of the first 7 books is about a place where a gem is hidden:

The Forests of Silence
The Lake of Tears
City of the Rats
The Shifting Sands
Dread Mountain
The Maze of the Beast
The Valley of the Lost

And the last book is called Return to Del.

I liked this book series because it has a lot of good adventures in it. There are lots of puzzles and riddles (which I love!) that you have to solve along with the characters in the books. And the characters are not what they seem to be sometimes... but I won't give away anything!