Wednesday, July 2, 2014

My 3rd Triathlon

This year I did my Tri-It Triathlon for the third year in a row! The last 2 years I was in the Energy class (8-9 years old) but this year I was in Eclipse (10-11 years old).

I had to do 2 more lengths of swimming and 1 more lap of cycling than before.  It only took me under 3 minutes more than my time last year to do a longer course!

It was really fun to race with my friend Elya and it was a great encouragement to have my dad run with me!

Swimming was first and jumping into the cold pool at 8:30 A.M. really woke me up for the rest of the triathlon! I did a total of 6 lengths (150m) - I could've swam faster except a slow poke doing breast stroke in front of me slowed me down!!

After swimming, I jumped onto my bike to do 4 laps of cycling. This was my favourite part of the triathlon!

After biking, there's a 1-km run. This was the last stretch of the race, so I was excited because I was so close to the finish line. I was also tired but I learned to pace myself and my daddy ran with me to help me and give me strength for the last lap.

I find this triathlon fun because everyone who finishes the race gets the same medals so no one feels left out. It's about doing your best and having fun! I'd like to do it again every year and I encourage anyone to try this fun race out.

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  1. Job well done .Especially the great attitude .It always goes better if it is fun.
    Nice to be able to enjoy it with friends and family.
    Love Nanny & Papa