Friday, May 30, 2014

Tomatoes In Space

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This year is my second time participating in the Tomatosphere Project. The idea is to help astronauts find ways to grow food in space during their space travel mission.

This year's project is especially exciting because one of the packets of seeds went to space for 22 months on board the International Space Station! Commander Chris Hadfield brought them back to earth on May 15, 2013. So the seeds have traveled more than 450 million kilometres!

For the experiment, I have to first put the teensy little seeds in peat pellets. There are 2 packets of seeds: one has gone to space and one hasn't (the control group), and we don't know which one is which. I have to water the pellets and track the seed germination everyday. A seed is considered to be germinated when 2 distinct leaves can be seen.

So far, group T seems to be doing very well in terms of germination even though it started later than group V. Group V shows steady growth but it has less germinated seeds.

I have 26 seeds in total that have germinated so far. That's a lot of tomatoes to eat this summer!

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  1. The seeds do look like they are coming along nicely.
    Now you will have to look at all the different ways to eat them.
    Yum Yum. Love Nanny & Papa