Thursday, March 20, 2014

Light & Sound

I made a Pringles pinhole camera obscura! All you need is a Pringles container (first eat all the chips!!), tin foil, marker, cutter, tape, and a push pin. When you look through the "camera", the image is upside down! But you need LOTS of light or go outside when it's very sunny. That was how the first camera was invented!

I also made an old-fashioned string telephone. All you need is 2 plastic cups, a push pin and some kite strings.

Make sure you keep the string very taut! When you talk into the cup, the sound waves made by your voice go along the string as vibrations and send your message to the other cup!

I learned about the anatomy of the ear and the eye through a fun website. You even get a quiz at the end!

I thought it was very cool that there're hair cells in the cochlea and they carry messages to the brain.

My favourite fact about the eye is that you need the brain to translate the message from the eye. Otherwise without the brain, the image is upside down!

I was playing with my horses and I realized that they made pretty shadows!

What are shadows? When a solid object blocks the path of light, a shadow is formed because light cannot pass through the object. The shadow changes shape depending on the direction of the light. Light travels in straight line but can be bent in a prism or in water.

What do you call light bouncing off a fact book?
A reFACTion!

Readings & Websites:
Glaring Light by Anna Claybourne
Ear-Splitting Sounds by Anna Claybourne

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  1. Very interesting observations .Well done!!
    Love Nanny & Papa