Saturday, February 8, 2014

Colima: Comedor

Libuska, a soft-spoken lady with a heart of gold, is the mastermind behind the ministry "Comedor". What started in her own kitchen at home has now grown to a soup kitchen that serves the elderly in differently neighbourhoods 7 days a week.

On one of Serena's sick days, I went to work in the church kitchen at Grupo Amor before delivering the lunches to one of the Comedor locations.

I had fun practicing my Spanish while working alongside the volunteer ladies Teresita, Nelli, Petti, and Florencia. They had a good laugh making fun of me as they compared the carrot pieces I chopped vs. theirs. I'm just not used to chopping carrots with a blunt kitchen knife for an hour, what can I say!

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  1. Thank goodness you still have all your fingers. Must have been great to try all the local food and try to converse with them. Love Nanny & Papa