Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Colima: Casa Cuna

Comedor ("Dining Room" in Spanish) is a ministry of a local church in Colima called Grupo Amor. We attended their Sunday service which was all in Spanish. It was fun to practice our Spanish while singing worship songs!

Grupo Amor runs several orphanages and our team stayed at one that catered to children age 7 and under - Casa Cuna. Often times though, these children are not actually "orphans" in that their parents are usually still alive. The parents may be in prison or unable to care for them.
We rode on the bus with all the kiddies and caretakers from Casa Cuna on our way to church service on Sunday:

Gloria is a cutie-pie and loves hanging out with everyone. We had a lot of fun playing with her and keeping her out of trouble.

9-month old Ileni is the newest addition to Casa Cuna. Her older brother (age 2) also stays at the orphanage, but he doesn't quite understand that this is his real little sister yet. He had a tough time seeing his mommy leave when she came to visit. Casa Cuna has a policy of limiting parental visits to only once a month to minimize the emotional impact on the children after each visit.

The children watch a movie every night at 6 pm. Serena loved to join them at night, though I think she's the only one watching the movie (in Spanish no less) while they all watched her.

There were a lot of goodbye hugs on our way out last Sunday.

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  1. You all must be so happy you brought a spark of light into their lives. And yours to.
    Love Nanny & Papa