Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Colima: Berenice y David

We arrived in Colima, Mexico on a beautiful Friday evening. After some rest & sightseeing over the weekend, our 16-member strong Team Comedor headed out to our various work sites on a warm sunny Monday morning.

Berenice & David, with their two daughters Yamilet & Tania, were the first family we met. They've been living in a tiny shack for the past 12 years.

Imagine their joy and hope of getting a new brick house built for their family!

Berenice was very emotional as she shared the difficulty of raising her children in a tiny shack and how thankful they are to be given a new home.

Daddy got his first lesson in the finer art of mixing concrete. He became quite proficient with cooking up the concrete recipe and operating the noisy mixer, and finished his day with concrete caked all over him from head to toe.

While Daddy was busy pouring concrete and laying bricks like in the story of The Three Little Pigs, Serena & I were working hard on a different work site. We came by later in the afternoon and joined the brick house team to finish off the day.

Serena will attest that building a real brick house is a lot of work but a ton more fun than building a LEGO house!

Our ever-patient contractor Roberto taught Serena the trick of flicking concrete to fill in the cracks between the bricks.

A well-deserved treat to cool off after a hot sweaty day!

One happy family in front of their brand new home!


  1. You guy's did an awesome job.The rest of your crew as well.
    You must have been aching all over. Love Nanny & Papa.

  2. Well done Serena! What a blessing to serve the Lord in this way!

  3. What an amazing storyline you have created here Tina, it captures the essence of the trip, the people, the projects and the generosity of God's love. We loved having your family with us and hope that your 'slide down the rock' means you will return to Colima again! Muchas gracias por todos mi Amigos. You are such a blessings to us all! Dios la Bendiga :)