Saturday, February 8, 2014

Colima: Adiós

It's hard to describe how amazing this trip was for all of us. We gave much and received more. Thank you to our community of friends and family back home who supported us prayerfully and financially. May the memories here bring you joy and hope!

The HCOS (Heritage Christian Online School) team:

We rode this party van day in and day out to job sites. The van took quite a beating with a sweaty crew of people packed in there while towing a concrete mixer in the back!

We all love Roberto, our hired local contractor who was indispensible in both his skills and sense of humour. He speaks little English and we will forever remember his favourite sayings, "Be careful!" and "Nooooo prrrroblem!".

See this nice clean new concrete floor? A true home improvement!

There're VW Beetles abound in Colima. Serena and Gwen were the two most fierce competitors in our ongoing Punch Buggy showdown in and out of the party van.

"You are the salt of the earth." (Matthew 5:13)

Perhaps Serena took this verse literally and tried to make herself more "salty" after visiting the Salt Museum.

This is a volcanic sliding stone found at Parque Piedra Lisa. Legend says if you slide down this monolithic rock, you will always return to Colima. Guess we'll be going back!

Because the septic system is Mexico is not quite as effective as ours, to lighten the load, users are reminded to put their soiled toilet paper in a waste basket that is in every baño. Old habits are hard to break though...

The Courtneys from Kelowna have been flying down to Colima and working with Libuska every January for years. Word has clearly got out that there's this red van with a bunch of Canadians going around fixing up people's homes.

At the end of our last day on a work site, some strangers came up to Libuska and gave her a bunch of pictures of their home, hoping that we would do theirs next. Work is already lining up for next year!


  1. Tina thank you so much for sharing your amazing journey and missions trip to Mexico. I can tell that the whole experience was a gift from God. I can't wait to hear how Serena was effected by all the amazing learning and spiritual connection with the peoples she visited and blessed.

  2. It must have been an awesome experience . So great to be a small part in the overall effort to make the world a better place . Love Nanny & Papa