Sunday, January 19, 2014

History Mystery

These clues point to a person in history that Serena was studying. Can you guess who?

Born 1788. Soshone tribe. Long lost brother Cameahwait. Kidnapped at 12 & sold to a French-Canadian trapper. A guide and the only woman on the Lewis & Clark expedition. 2 children Jean and Lisette. A minted dollar coin in 2000 with her image.

Serena presented these clues at Wed Club for "History Mystery", where each student uses their imagination to share what they've learnt about a particular historical figure. She got all dressed up and spoke in character as the audience read out the clues she wrote on the leaves.

She stumped her audience, until she gave the final clue that the person was a character in the movie "Night at the Museum". Even then no one could spit it out since no one knows how to pronounce her name!

Answer: Sacagawea

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