Saturday, December 21, 2013

Snow (Slow) Day

Our first big snow day happened to be a paper route day. No cart and no scooter in this weather. Thankfully there weren't too many flyers!

The thick layer of snow beckoned us to breathe life into them - introducing Pedro and Molly!

What better way to enjoy the rest of our slow snow day but to snuggle up with a good book.

Serena's current read: Liesl & Po by Lauren Oliver.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Newly Minted Taekwondo Green Belt!

After earning her form, self-defense, board breaking, knife pattern, and sparring stripes, Serena was finally ready for her taekwondo promotional test. It was an intensive hour long test of all the techniques she's learnt in the past 9 months. Through much hard work and perseverance, Serena passed her test and has officially been promoted from Camouflage belt onto the next rank - Green belt!

(Belt Rank: White - Orange - Yellow - Camouflage - Green - Purple - Blue - Brown - Red - Black)

Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Serena created this portrait of a flower using pieces of scrap fabric at a Vancouver Art Gallery workshop. The students were asked to create their own artwork, drawing inspiration from their tour of an exhibition by Kimsooja, a Korean born, Paris and New York based artist.

The exhibition showcased many fabric bundles called "bottari" which Kimsooja created using bed covers and used clothing. Through the many beautiful installations in the exhibit, Kimsooja has taught us much about the expressive power of ordinary objects!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Science Club: Mechanics

I've always thought gravity was a mighty force. It keeps us on solid ground afterall! Who knew it's actually the weakest among the four basic forces? Serena was able to demonstrate how magnetism beats gravity in this simple experiment.

Mrs. Guilford started a Science Club for the South Delta homelearners and the inaugural unit was on mechanics. Many stations were set up for students to do some fun activities related to gravity, friction, electromagnetism and force fields.

Does your cereal sometimes taste a bit... metallic? After mixing some ground "iron packed" cereal with water, Serena used a strong magnet to pull from the slurry a minuscule amount of iron (see the black dot?) and move it around at the bottom of the cup.

To make a compass, Serena swiped a needle with a magnet in one direction many times. She floated the magnetized needle with a piece of foam in a bowl of water, then compared it with a compass and yes, it pointed north!

One piece of paper and one piece of rock - which falls faster to the ground if we drop them at the same time from the same height? What if we crumble up the piece of paper into a ball first? This was Galileo's famous experiment.

How "grippy" are your shoes? In this experiment on friction, Serena tested different shoes on an inclined plane by recording the height of the plane at which the shoe started sliding off the top. Good information to know if you, like Serena, enjoy climbing UP slides at the playground!

Serena was detecting the electric field here by first rubbing a balloon on her fleecy toque to charge it, then using it to move a stick on a pivot in a circle without touching the stick. Like magic!

If you must know, the four basic forces from strongest to weakest are: strong nuclear force, electromagnetism, weak nuclear force, and gravity.