Friday, October 4, 2013


This is a water cycle terrarium with two yet-to-be-named pet moss that Serena made at the Science World workshop "Water Savers". The workshop today tied in nicely with our unit study of weather this term. We did a few fun experiments last week to kick off this earth science unit.

We were introduced to the water cycle last year at the Salmon in the Valley field trip at Trinity Western. As a review, we did a little experiment using the evaporation/condensation/precipitation cycle to make rain on the kitchen stove.

We were ready to learn a new important concept: air pressure. This topic is of particular interest to our family because both Serena and Daddy are susceptible to migraines caused by a change in air pressure. The "egg in a bottle" experiment was a fun one to illustrate the effects of changing air pressure and its relationship with temperature. See if you can get the egg to slide into an upside down bottle!

Now we're set to learn all about the weather. We created our homemade barometer and rain gauge last week, just in time to catch the start of our rainy fall season - excellent data collection time with all that rain and changes in air pressure! We shall report our findings once sufficient data is collected.


  1. Well done Serena. You have captured the science process with excellence and helped me understand condensation and air pressure with clarity and creativity. I really liked your diagrams:) Awesome science.

  2. Great informational work .Well done.
    Love Nanny & Papa