Thursday, October 17, 2013

War of Miscommunication

What we learned at the War of 1812 School Program at Canada Place:

  • the reasons behind the war
  • the countries/people groups involved
  • the importance of trade
  • some of the key historical figures
  • how British Privateers profited from raiding American ships (Dalhousie University was founded with privateer money!)
  • the miscommunication that started the war (Only if they had cell phones then!)
  • when & how the war ended with the Treaty of Ghent
  • that the U.S. national anthem "The Star Spangled Banner" came from a poem written by Francis Scott Key during the war

While our guide (who has a history degree) pressed the point that no one actually "won" the war, some of the homeschoolers have a different perspective. Check out the War of 1812 videos on Canadian Geographic to find out who really won the war. While we couldn't agree on the winner, we had no trouble agreeing that the First Nations were by far the worst off and lost the most.

Historica Canada has some great resources and "Heritage Minutes" videos as we continue to study the subject, and Serena really enjoyed the animated motion comic "The Loxelys and the War of 1812".

Just before our field trip, Serena & I stopped to get a hot chocolate to warm up on a frosty morning. Lo and behold, there's this commemorative quarter in our change!

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  1. How true. Great Canadian history lesson.
    The coin had to be an omen .
    Love Nanny & Papa