Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Timberline Ranch

Thanks to Ms. Gould from HCOS who organized this field trip, Serena spent a glorious day at Timberline Ranch, learning all about horse riding and care. Students were rotated through four 1-hour sessions with lots of hands-on learning opportunities.

There's riding lesson in the Barn:

Ground lesson in the Tack Room (learning about horse and tack):

Trail ride through the beautiful ranch:

And last but not least, "Horse Care" session which included the all essential stall cleaning duty:

Serena loves "Buttons", the horse on which she learned to ride, so she didn't mind one bit the chore of cleaning out Buttons' stall.

You'd think if she could shovel a horse's stall, she could surely handle her cats' litter box at home...


  1. Looks like you had an awesome day.
    We agree the litter box should be easy now!!!!
    Love Nanny & Papa

  2. What a wonderful learning opportunity Serena! I can tell you bonded with your horse:)