Friday, October 18, 2013

Ideas Peddler

Orphan Jack is an ideas peddler. He has a dictionary that's missing the A and B words. "The words were always there, ready to be taken out and used or just examined. A sunrise was better when you knew the word sublime. Oatmeal for dinner was somehow not so sad when you knew the word mingy. A bashing from Edwin was not so horrible when you could secretly call him a vandal." (p.22)

"The Several Lives of Orphan Jack" by Sarah Ellis was this month's book club reading. A book that has words like gobbledygook, Gee whillikers, Fnibble, Aberbog, and mugwort is sure to draw Serena in. Jack peddles "thoughts, concepts, plans, opinions, impressions, notions and fancies" (p.64) for food. At the discussion, Mrs. Cowley got the students to play Jack and come up with something to peddle.

Peddler Serena: "I have a thought to sell, for a good book: A peach on a tree is good for a man, but a peach on the ground is better for a worm."

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  1. Love the picture .So into the book.
    Great thought .
    Love Nanny & Papa