Friday, May 24, 2013

TWU Salmon in the Valley

She didn't quite get a diploma but Serena enjoyed her day of learning at Trinity Western University. Salmon in the Valley is a workshop created by TWU in partnership with the Salmon River Enhancement Society. Students spend a day in a guided program wandering through the forest and exploring the habitat around the Salmon River.

The environment-based curriculum included learning about the food chains, renewable vs non-renewable resources, salmon life cycle and habitat, human impact to water quality, and plant identification through various games and hands-on activities. Serena was given the job to test the quality of the groundwater and was introduced to a new concept: pH level . If you, like me, cannot remember what that's all about and have a tough time explaining it intelligibly, go to BrainPOP to learn about the pH scale!

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  1. We like this . Well done!!
    Love Nanny & Papa