Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Provincial Election

Since provincial election was upon us, what great opportunity to do a little unit study on our government - I could use some educating being a political ignoramus myself.

Discovery Education has a great video on "Government in Canada" to get us started. To help us understand the 3 levels of government and the current who's-who at each level, Serena created this board as a visual aid.
Serena and her South Delta friends also participated in Student Vote, a parallel election program for all students across B.C. It was a fantastic hands-on way to learn about the democratic electoral process. The Vote Compass on the CBC website came in handy for our research, and our family of three seemed to have a very similar political bend according to the survey. All I can say is, we're not responsible for the Liberals majority win...

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  1. We can see this is very serious business .
    Job well done
    Love Nanny & Papa