Saturday, April 27, 2013


After Planet Narnia, Serena joined Pencraft, a 6-week writing course for homelearners led again by our brilliant Mrs. Cowley.

Snapshot Exercise: look around and take a mental snapshot of something, then write down a brief description of the image - describe it, don't just name it! This will help you begin to build your "Writer's Recall".

For their first session last week, the kids went outside to take their "snapshots".  Here are Serena's:

"A beutiful blooming daisy, in ful blosum, shaping the glory and beuty it bestows. It gives light to the feild making all look divine."

"A lovely pach of pearl white flowers, their beuty clear as christal, their leafey stems waving in the spring breeze, what a sight."


  1. Lovely. Like the way she expressed herself.
    Love Nanny & Papa

  2. Gorgeous use of words Serena! Well done!