Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Pacific Northwest First Nations Art

After our field trip to the Museum of Anthropology on a beautiful spring day, we spent an afternoon making and learning about First Nations art with our homeschool friends. 

Bentwood boxes traditionally made by First Nations people on the west coast have special designs that are over 1000 years old. By using variations of two simple forms - "ovoid" and "U" - the kids created their own unique bentwood boxes.

The Pacific Northwest Coastal people include many different groups such as the Haida, the Tlinglit, the Tsimshian, the Nootka, and the Salishan, speaking many distinct languages.

The kids enjoyed playing with a Kwakiutl bear mask, a Makah bird mask, and a traditional tribal button blanket made by another homeschool family.

Resource: "The Bentwood Box: An Activity Book" by Nan McNutt

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  1. Some of those mask look scary.
    Did you climb the totem poles???
    Love Nanny & Papa