Thursday, January 24, 2013

Eggsellent Eggsperiment

Science Fair is coming up and Serena is gearing up for the big event. She wanted to do something with pasta, so I put her to task: build something with only pasta and marshmallow that would hold up a few books. (We've been reading and learning about super structures lately.)

There's some frustration with pasta snapping and marshmallow squishing, but she persevered and made her sort of "dome" like structure - she remembered from Bill Nye's video that a dome shape spreads out the weight.

Time for the big test...

The marshmallow-pasta structure held up a light paperback book nicely. We moved onto a thin hard cover book. Then we started stacking a few small books on it. So far so good. How about a bigger heavier hard cover book?
Splat! The Greek gods flattened the whole thing. Guess it's not quite Mount Olympus. Our not-so-super structure held up just under 2 lbs. of books.

A bit deflated from our flattened experiment, we decided to repeat it with eggs - Bill Nye did say eggs are super strong!

Check out our eggsellent eggsperiment video:

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  1. This was a great experiment.
    Wow the amount of weight the eggs held amazing.
    Love Nanny & Papa