Saturday, October 13, 2012

All Things Canada

In writing different Sandwich Book Reports, I notice that it's tricky for Serena to condense a story. Partly because she reads beyond her grade level so the plot lines of her books tend to be quite elaborate, but also partly because she favours intricate details. It's hard to summarize a story in one paragraph when she spends the whole time describing what the characters ate for breakfast...

All Things Canada is a handy theme-based writing curriculum that teaches the techniques of making a "Key Word Outline" and rewriting the original passage in your own words based on your outline. The content is all Canadian-based so we cover Language Arts and Socials at the same time - bonus!

Speaking of Canada, Serena loves the coast to coast road trip with Bucko Beaver in Wow Canada! by Vivien Bowers. With each province explored, we supplement the reading with a great series by Sleeping Bear Press:

Canada: M is for Maple
BC: S is for Spirit Bear
AB: C is for Chinook
SK: L is for Land of the Living Skies
MN: G is for Golden Boy
ON: A is for Algonquin
NB: F is for Fiddlehead
NS: B is for Bluenose
NL: P is for Puffin

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  1. Very interesting we are sure.
    Missing PEI and Yukon.
    Looking for a reason please!!!!
    So nice to see the interest we can see you driving
    or biking across our great country.
    Love Nanny & Papa