Thursday, August 30, 2012

Greek Mythology

It started with Full Cast Audio's Hercules by Geraldine McCaughrean. Then the 6-book series Mary Pope Osborne's Tales From The Odyssey. Serena is completely drawn into the world of Greek myths and the gods & goddesses of Mount Olympus. She enjoyed so much the story of Odysseus' long journey home from the Trojan War that when she heard of Homer's other classic epic poem, Iliad, she wanted to read it.  That is, until I showed her the real thing, which doesn't come translated in any kid-friendly versions as far as I know.

Coincidentally, the featured exhibition at the Surrey Museum this summer is LEGO: Myths & Muses! Zeus & Hera standing on Mount Olympus, the epic battles of Trojan War with its famed Trojan horse, the Underworld of Hades and his 3-headed dog Cerberus, Hercules slaying the Nemean lion and battling the water beast Hydra, huge models of Poseidon and Atlas... all intricately built with those little LEGO blocks. The exhibition came alive to Serena as she was able to identify all the characters she's read about.  We're looking forward to reading 2 new books on the topic that we recently bought:

Classic Myths to Read Aloud: The Great Stories of Greek and Roman Mythology by William F. Russell
National Geographic's Treasury of Greek Mythology: Classic Stories of Gods, Goddesses, Heroes & Monsters by Donna Jo Napoli.

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  1. Thank you for sharing with us the Surrey exhibit
    The stories are great even in the adult versions!!
    Love Nanny & Papa