Monday, June 11, 2012

Bedazzled Bespectacled

Grade 3 for Mom,
Grade 5 for Dad,
Grade 2 for Serena:
those dreadful glasses.

Actually it's not dreadful at all for Serena; she thinks it rather fashionable. To be fair, hers are not exactly like her parents. Yes, they're more stylish but they're also reading glasses, i.e. she only wears them for reading. Serena is diagnosed with "convergence insufficiency" and the glasses help relieve eye strain during reading. It also makes her look more scholarly, doesn't it?


  1. Serena you look awesome and so fashionable! Even better than before. And Tina she looks like you so much in this photo!

    1. Really?? She looks like me?? YAY!

  2. We agree they look very cool
    Love Nanny & Papa