Monday, May 21, 2012

Ballet Recital

Hard to believe this is Serena's 5th ballet performance at the Gateway Theatre. She's been dancing at the Richmond Arts Centre since she was 3. She's been a pixie, a twinkling star, a tight-rope walker, and a Japanese dancer. This year she's playing the part of a sailor.

The theme for this annual recital is "Let's Go To The Movies".  Serena's class did a dance number based on the movie "On the Town", a 1949 musical starring Gene Kelly and Frank Sinatra. See if you can spot her in the video!


  1. Hey, Happy Happy Birthday, my dear Tina!! You are a great Mom & a great teacher!! I'm learning a lot reading your blogs. I'm sure you've learnt a lot too!! Well done!!

  2. Nice job.Love the sailor outfit.
    Love Nanny & Papa