Thursday, May 24, 2012

Backyard Nature

What we stumbled upon in our neighbourhood in the last 48 hours:

A fallen bird's nest right outside our house. Serena ran back inside in the house and tried to identify its owner with her library book "Hatch!" by Roxie Munro. We can't be sure but Serena has many conjectures...
On our post-dinner walk we found this abandoned little blue speckled egg that has likely been carried off by a predator. We thought it was a robin's egg but after some research, we think it's more likely a sparrow egg.
Serena with her eagle-eye spotted this "pretty little bug" on one of the bushes in our garden. We looked it up and are glad to report that it's a good bug called green lacewing.
This was a total surprise: 2 barred owls at a park we frequent after art class. Serena knows her owls so we didn't need to look this one up! We're mystified though as to why they would let themselves be so exposed in the open, perched not particularly high up in a mostly residential area.

'Tis all a sure sign that spring is upon us!

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  1. Wow.Very good eyes to spot all this around you.
    Love Nanny & Papa