Thursday, April 19, 2012


April is Poetry Month and Serena has gone haiku crazy.  I heard her rolling in bed last night an hour past her bedtime.

"Why are you still awake?"
"I got another haiku in my head.  If I fall asleep I won't remember it!"

So I scribbled it down for her in the dark:

Lovely Canada
Rolling Appalachians
Blue jay calls tonight

Other recent creations by our resident poet:

Feather-duster tail
Snuggly, dopey, and noisy
Jack the "Squirmalot"

Sweet dainty lady
Deli-CAT-essence is she
Miss "Purrsalot" Jill

Sleek and amazing
The spotted appaloosa
Every step spotless

(The animal haiku are inspired by:
"The Hound Dog's Haiku" by Michael J. Rosen
"The Cuckoo's Haiku" by Michael J. Rosen
"Dogku" by Andrew Clements)

A golden collar
A smiling face of sunshine
Slender gown of green

A crimson petal
Engraved in a rose-shaped gem
Beauty amazing

(The flower haiku are inspired by:
"Poetrees" by Douglas Florian)

Related Readings:
"Keepers: Treasure-Hunt Poems" by John Frank
"Poetry Basics: Haiku" by Valerie Bodden
"Today and Today: Haiku" by Issa
"Nibble Nibble" by Margaret Wise Brown


  1. Wow these are amazing Serena! I LOVE your Haiku! I think you should publish your very own poetry book of Haiku!

  2. They are very nice Serena.
    Love Nanny & Papa