Sunday, March 4, 2012

Walter The Manatee

Inspired by the manatees she saw in Florida, Serena did a project on the marine mammal for the annual South Delta Science Fair.  As always, there were many wonderful and creative science projects, but the big boys with their homemade trebuchet catapults stole the show, especially when they taught the young ones to make mini-catapults and they all started launching marshmallows everywhere...

Serena had the most fun making a full size papier-mache manatee. We tried our best to use only what we could find around the house to make it. So Walter (the manatee that is) has insulation for stuffing, cardboards for flippers and tail, marbles for eyes, and linguini for whiskers. And it sits on an old (but clean) litter box. We had to spend $2 on paint and $1 on "sea grass". Not bad!

The other fun part? Singing "I'm A Manatee" (by John Lithgow) all day long...

"Oceans Alive: Manatees" by Ann Herriges
"Endangered Manatees" by Bobbie Kalman
"Manatees" by Mary Ann McDonald
"Face to Face with Manatees" by Brian Skerry
National Geographic website

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  1. We love it!!Great job.Glad you were able to see and make a project of the animals from your trip to Florida.Love Nanny & Papa