Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Geography was the topic for this month's Wed Club. We saw presentations on Paraguay, Italy, Iran, Philippines, Israel... Serena's choice? Nauru. She wanted to do the smallest country in the world. When we found out that's Vatican City, no offence to the Pope, we went to the next smallest.

It was quite a shocking eye-opener as we read up on what little we could find on this tiny island in the south Pacific. It is now essentially a bankrupt country even though it was once the second richest after Saudi Arabia.

Nauru has such a sad and depressing story that we weren't sure how to present it. Serena & I finally decided on a skit, where Travel Agent Serena tried to sell Tourist Tina a vacation to Nauru...

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  1. That was great.Great lesson to be learned from their misfortune.We loved it.Nanny & Papa