Sunday, February 5, 2012


A scrapbook of our trip to Florida:

We went to Florida for my Nanny's birthday.  She turned 70, it was a surprise for Nanny AND me!  I taught Papa & Nanny a game called Dutch Blitz, and they taught me a game called Mexican Train Dominos. We went out for walks, and we ate birthday cake EVERYDAY!!

We went swimming at the pool everyday.  My favourite part was going to the beach and making my Mom and Dad freeze to death in the cold water!  My mom was so cold that in the middle of the ocean, she blurted out: "Turducken!"  We found lots of beautiful shells, some even had crabs and mollusks living inside!

We saw lots of wild life: a black garden snake, many pelicans, an alligator, two red-shouldered hawks, ibises, blue herons, a cormorant catching and eating a fish, and a black & gold-ringed snake.

I tried mini-golfing for the first time, and I got a lot, I repeat, a lot of hole-in-ones! We also went go-kart racing and we were lucky enough to get the slowest car, both rounds!  The first round we were in last, but the second round, we were in first!  We even beat Papa!

We saw lots of pugs at Pug Fest.  They were all dressed up and looked hilarious!  Guess what?  I saw Miss Florida!  There was also a fluffy white and chubby dog, just like my cat Jack!

I saw manatees for the first time.  It was at Manatee Park.  The park is right next to a power plant.  The manatees are there because when the water gets too cold, they swim to the water by the power plant where it is warm.  I saw a lot of big blubbery manatees!

All too soon, it was time to go.  My favourite part of the trip was definitely going to the beach.  This whole time I had Frosty my stuffed animal polar bear traveling with me.  Frosty had a wonderful time in Florida too!

Happy Birthday, Nanny!

p.s. I also brought my bunny.


  1. Serena I can tell you had a wonderful time in Florida with your nanny! You also wrote this very well, and I could sense how much you enjoyed it by your excellent sharing. Blessings Mrs Pippa

  2. Great pictures.Thank you for coming to visit us
    You and your Mom and Dad made Nanny birthday extra special
    We really enjoyed your visit.Please come again real soon.
    Thank you again.Much love Nanny & Papa