Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Penderwicks

We love this book by Jeanne Birdsall! Serena & I devoured it as we are still waiting for the next Little House book from the library.

After we got to the very satisfying end of the story today, Serena said, "You know what The Penderwicks reminds me of? Little Women."  Lo and behold, this is what the author said about her inspiration: "I also borrow from other books, especially the ones I loved best when I was young. The idea of four sisters came from Little Women." Serena never fails to amaze me.

Who are the Penderwicks, Serena?
Father, Rosalind, Skye, Jane, Batty, and Hound.

Which character is your favourite?
Skye!  Because she is sarcastic and always arguing.  I also like Mr. Penderwick when he speaks Latin, so funny!

Which sister is most like yourself?
Jane.  Because she has brown eyes and brown hair, and she has a good imagination and she loves books.

If you had met any of the Penderwick sisters, do you think you would have become fast friends?
Yes!  Hound, Batty, and Jane would probably be my first friends.  Then Skye and Rosalind because they're older.

What do you think will happen to Jeffrey?
I think he's going to become a famous musician, and he will stay in touch with the Penderwick sisters.  I think Skye is his best friend even though she conked his head in the beginning!

What do you think of Mrs. Tifton?
She is a disgraceful mother!  She is very rude, boastful, and doesn't listen to what you want to say.

Would you like to explore Arundel?
Yes, yes, yes!  The garden, the big house, the secret passage, the cottage, the passage through Batty's closet, everything!

Which scene in the book is most memorable to you?
I like the end of the story when after Jeffrey said he'll visit the Penderwicks in Cameron, Skye said, "Just remember, if you don't, I'll kill you"!  Skye is so sarcastic.

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