Monday, November 21, 2011

Laura Ingalls Wilder

It took no time for Serena to decide who she was going to pick for her Biography Fair project this year. We're currently on the 8th book in the Little House series, The Happy Golden Years. We feel like we know Laura so well that it's tricky to narrow down all our ideas.  Mapping her family's frequent move was fun since we were curious ourselves as to where and how far they had traveled over the years. Serena enjoyed putting the family tree together, tracing Laura and Almanzo's families back to their grandparents. Coming up with trivia questions was also entertaining - Serena amazingly recalls every detail of every book no matter how hard I tried to stump her.

The Biography Fair hosted annually by the South Delta Home Learners (SDHL) was held this past Saturday. There were about 50 homeschoolers participating with some fascinating biographies. We spent time wandering from project to project, reading different bios, checking out creative display ideas, leaving comments, and hunting answers to the Detective Questions related to the bios. About half the kids went on stage and made presentations, including Serena in her Laura Ingalls Wilder persona being interviewed by the inquisitive Times Magazine reporter Keith. It was all great fun and great learning!

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  1. Wow amazing presentation Serena and you look just like Laura! Dad Keith I am sure you made an awesome journalist. Homeschooling sure is FUN! Well done Serena!